Where: Jefferson School

Goal:  $30,000

Get ready to walk!  The Walk-a-thon is Friday, November 15!  The entire school community will be walking around the block 10 times!  Join us in this fun and festive event!

How does it work?

Get pledges

  • Students earn money by asking family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to pledge an amount of money for each lap they walk or donate a flat amount.  
  • Record pledges on the Pledge Sheet that will go home in the Communication Folder.  Or download here it here in English or Spanish.  
  • Have people pledge on-line.  Share this webpage: http://jefferson.berkeleypta.org/walk-a-thon/ to have people make a donation!
  • If each student brings in just one pledge of $1 per lap and walks all ten laps, the school gets over $4,000. Just think if each student brought in five pledges!  

Turn in pledge sheets and collect money

  • All pledge sheets must be turned in on the day of the Walk-a-thon, Friday, November 15, 2019. 
  • Collect money up-front and hand it in the pledge sheet on the day of the Walk-a-thon.   This is the simplest way!
  • Collect money after the Walk-a-thon.  Students will let people know how many laps they walked and will collect the money the following week. Return money by Friday, November 22.


Many prizes will be awarded!  There will be classroom and individual prizes.  There is also a raffle! Every pledge collected by Friday, November 22 is one raffle ticket!  If a student collects 10 turns in pledges, that student will get 10 raffle entries!

Make an on-line donation!  Please complete the form below so we can match your donation to the student doing the walking!  Then, hit the yellow donation button below to make your donation via PayPal

Walk-a-thon Donation.  Make sure you have filled out the Jefferson Walk-a-thon donation form above before donating!