Rick Kleine

Rick Kleine began teaching at Jefferson in 2007 and really enjoys teaching. This was the school his daughters went to years ago. In fact, Mr. Murray was their fifth grade teacher in the same classroom where Rick is now teaching.

Before coming to Jefferson, Rick taught 4th and 5th grade in Vallejo for the last 20 years and looks forward to taking advantage of new opportunities here in Berkeley.

Rick grew up in Cleveland, went to U.C. San Diego for college, and moved to Berkeley to attend Cal for his masters and teaching credential. He’s lived in Berkeley ever since.

He enjoys surfing, basketball, and photography. He lives with his wife and younger daughter who is now at Berkeley High. His older daughter is at Oregon State University, studying to be a teacher.

Contact Information

Email: rick_kleine AT berkeley.k12.ca.us

Phone: 510-841-9753

Prefer to be contacted by: phone

Best time to reach Rick Kleine: evenings before 9:00pm or weekends


Projects in the Classroom

Below is a sampling of projects completed in Rick Kleine’s classroom.

  • This puzzle is a project that begins the year. It is both a metaphor for how magnificent individuals can come together to form an even more amazing team and for what kind of effort and determination it takes to complete quality work.
  • Each year, Room 202 completes a quilt project around a classroom-generated theme. Students learn the various artistic skills that go into that year’s quilt as well as the content that the quilt represents.
  • The first writing project of our year is writing a picture book story which each student publishes in their own book. The project allows students to go through the entire writing process and practice basic typing and computer publishing skills.

Helping in the Classroom

Rick Kleine appreciates the following support:

  • Help on field trips – be a chaperone
  • Support your student’s homework efforts

What Parents Can Do At Home

Parental involvement in your child’s education can mean:

  • Ask lots of questions about what is going on in the room.
    • try to ask open ended questions that will cause your child to elaborate on the school day.
    • when in doubt, a simple “Tell me three things you learned today” works.
  • Support your student’s homework efforts.
    • make sure your child has a place and time to complete homework
    • try your best to stay on top of assignments by checking their homework sheet and the Room 202 notes each week.
  • Never hesitate to call, email, or ask me questions in person!!