Rick Kleine (5th Grade)

Rick Kleine was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  He moved to California when he was 14 and has lived in the Bay Area since coming here to go to graduate school at UC Berkeley.  He is married and has three grown children who all went to Jefferson when they were little!

He taught a 4th/5th grade looping classroom in Vallejo for 20 years before being fortunate enough to get hired at Jefferson.  He has been teaching here since 2007.  

Rick loves teaching and making learning quilts with his classes.  But, whenever he’s got some free time, he heads to Linda Mar or Bolinas to surf, hike in the mountains with his dogs, play guitar or talk sports, television and feminism with his family.  He also loves traveling to places he’s never been and exploring any kind of historical ruin!

Go Bears!   Go Giants!!

Contact Information

You can reach Rick anytime by phone (see the homework sheet) as long as you call before 9. (He gets up early to go to the gym!!)

What Parents Can Do at Home

Read with or to your children

Have conversations about books, current events, nature, life, etc.

Play board games (dice, cards, anything that involves counting)