90 Years of Jefferson School, 1906 to 1996 : Preface

by Joann Sullivan, Historian, Jefferson School PTA

December 1997

Several years ago, I worked on a research project about Jefferson School. As part of my research, I discovered a little book about Jefferson’s early history, entitled 50 Years, a History of Jefferson School. I was captivated by the essays in the book, written by Mary B. O’Bannon and Carrol B. Johnson, two early Jefferson principals who collectively served the school for nearly half a century. Reading the book, I was impressed by their love for and devotion to the school. I was also impressed by the long tradition of family involvement in the school, and the importance of Jefferson School in the development of the Westbrae neighborhood.

As part of our 90th Anniversary Celebration, this booklet continues the history of the school. It includes new essays by long-time Jefferson parent and teacher Jean Brooks with contributions by Mary Ann Furuichi and Pam Ormsby and principals Marian Altman and Jan Goodman. For the record, eleven principals have served Jefferson School since 1907: Mary B. O’Bannon, George C. McGinnis, Carrol B. Johnson, Frank Wylde, Mary Giorgi, Mary Logan, Melvin Gartenberg, Robetta Mack, G. Burton Norall, Marian K. Altman and Jan Goodman.

I want to thank the Berkeley Public Education Foundation, In Dulci Jubilo, and Jefferson PTA for their financial support for the publishing of 90 Years, A History of Jefferson School, and for other events associated with the anniversary celebration. I’d also like to thank Wendy Bogin, Patricia Curtan, Marji Wilkens, and K/P Corporation for their help in publishing this book and making it possible for every Jefferson School student to receive a copy.

Read Other Sections of This Book

Part I: The History of Jefferson School
by Mary O’Bannon, Principal 1907-1943

Part II: The History of Jefferson School
by Carrol B. Johnson, Principal 1944-1959

Part III: Jefferson School: Memories of the 1960’s and the 1970’s
by Jean Brooks, with Pam Ormsbyand Mary Ann Furuichi

Part IV: Jefferson Memories
by Marion Altman, Prinicpal 1983-1995

Part V: Jefferson Reflections
by Jan Goodman