October 2012

PTA Board Meeting

October 11, 2012



Hours Recorded: 89



1)     Principal’s Report (reported by Beth Trevor)

  • All is well at Jefferson
  • Working with Rita Geary to create a database of the parent/guardian interest form. Hope to use it to promote volunteerism. Immediate needs are volunteers for lunch and lunch recess times
  • We need a safe schools liaison (walk and Roll days). Need a new guardian. Need also someone to participate in a walk audit. Kitty Keenan notes that she has spoken with someone about safe schools. Waiting on a document from Maggie (contract and a form). Kitty will reach out to Maggie. Looking for another person to manage the Walk and Roll School days. Create walking school busses to neighborhoods, do the daily events.
  • All school programs are up and running. JAZ enrollment is at all time high. ALP is starting. Pre-teach concepts to kids in the ALP. Small group of kids, 10 or less. Teachers hand-pick the kids. They address bussing and so on. Different sessions per year. Make it games and fun stuff around a concept.
  • School wide goal for Maggie is community building. Black Families group sponsoring spaghetti dinner with art, music and dancing, on December 7th. Sell kids artwork to support Black Families Group to support the event and activities. Open to all.
  • Parent/guardian-teacher conferences are starting soon. Report cards come during conferences. Sign up for conferences.
  • Need sand for the sand box and 15 x 20 foot tarp to covert the sandbox. Grant committee to reach out to American Soil products to see if they would cover the materials costs.


2)     Treasurer’s Report

  • Goal is transparency around the money. Have treasurer’s report at each meeting.
  • Summary, waiting for funds from the walkathon to be the first start of the year.

3)     PTA Board Halloween—Meeting about the plan for Halloween volunteering, 4:30 on Friday. Checking with Jamaica and Tamika who might be ready to be involved, especially to get involved with a possible haunted house managed by the 5th grade.


4)     Volunteer Coordinator/Volunteer engagement.

  • How to engage volunteers
    • Open discussion of volunteer opportunities, how to engage and encourage volunteering.
    • Open for more email discussion
    • May be cultural but some places school involvement is not expected (not the norm)
    • New parents may have a tough time getting knowledgeable
    • Send out an addendum with the school calendar that shows when PTA meetings are and other Jefferson events plus; include when we are asking for volunteers and donations.
    • Some people who might volunteer for stuff, not events, and might get involved differently—something they can do at home.
    • We may be able to use bright arrow to send out requests
    • Volunteer Recognition
      • Searching for ways to recognize volunteers that are sensitive, open, supportive, and respect how people want recognition.
      • Idea: Rocks Certificates like the kids for but for the volunteers.
        • Need to manage logistics of how to send out, who would manage it
        • Give a raffle for volunteers who volunteer at least x number of hours, get in a raffle
        • Get the information to teachers, make it different


5)     Giving Campaign—approached a new person to be the overall organizer.

  • Need a person to manage.
  • 3 times per year. Pre-Christmas, can be a few matching opportunities.
  • Goal to get even low dollar donations %participation
  • As federal and state funds have dried up, we have gotten more aggressive about fundraising and follow giving campaign

6)     Parent Education Events

  • Struggled to figure out what topics to present on and what presenters to use for those topics. What makes sense is to do what is coordinated with what the school/district is motivated to address.  So idea came up to focus on a parent workshop on bullying in the fall (December).
  • Other idea—conquering homework
  • Consider a survey poll to rank topics and also suggest other options
  • See if welcoming schools has parent workshop
  • Looking at combining the spring event with the Black Families group to facilitate workshops on cultural competencies

7)     Open discussion topics

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05pm.