November 2012

Jefferson Elementary PTA Minutes

November 15, 2012

Library, 6:30-8:30


Attendees: 26

Volunteer hours recorded: 79


Discussion of key topics included:


  1. Welcome, Introductions & Thank You


  1. Parent Workshops & Education Events, including Cultural Awareness
  • Looking for more sustainable ways to identify topics. Speaking with BACR about whether they can find speakers and a list of topics that they could bring forward.
  • Maggie & Staff propose a plan.
    • BUSD goals: Mission to enable and inspire diverse student body to (pull from original)
    • With these goals and values in mind, bring proposal to bring a series of meetings that brings cultural competence and diversity.
    • 5 years ago a meeting was held to get a finger on the pulse of the school (Maggie’s 2nd year). Held a focus group event to bring the community together. Compiled the information and made changes in the school in response. Since then we worked on community. In past 2 years, teachers have been working on how to address race and language. Looking at 1 staff meeting per month to look at equity for how we can get high results for all children.
    • Black families group formed last year and began talking about topics that matter to all families who might not feel as included in the culture of the school and the everyday workings of the school. The staff takes this issue seriously. Goal is to ensure that all students feel included and connected and valued in the school. We want to ensure that we walk
    • Proposal: hire a facilitator and have 2 community meetings (Jan & April or May). Facilitator will lead a discussion about how to really develop an inclusive community. Rochelle Ard Rogers, Cal State Hayward professor & colleague Michael Knauss. Activity: have a variety of meetings with various groups around the community—staff, PTA exec board, black families group. Design the meeting from listening to constituents. Hold these pre-meetings by January. Hold community meeting in February. Regroup, analyze the results, hold meeting in April. Regroup, analyze the results and plan for the future.
    • Comments from attendees:
      • Support the proposal. It’s a good school, but could even be better.
      • Want to be sure that school is protected in the contract should the facilitators want to use this for publications, that de-identification of the school be spelled out in any contract.
      • Rosa Parks has had success reaching out to parents to work, parents who don’t typically join events. May be work reaching out (Reina Crocker—person who is responsible for Rosa Parks Cultural events)
      • Maggie says goal is to focus on Race & culture as the top foci
      • Goal/Purpose of the Black Families Group is to help engage and help people connect to the school.
      • Teachers want this to help bring the work they have been doing in their teaching to the community.
      • What would success look like? Needs to be described/communicated to the school community?
      • What would a communication plan look like so that even non-participants will be able to understand the success (so people know what to look for) of this event.
      • These events could increase volunteerism and parent involvement


  1. Principal’s Report

Construction will begin immediately following the end of this school year. It will be a full year of construction. Meetings will be held towards the spring to help be proactive about funding for the yard (which is separate to ensure that the yard is brought up to standard), interim garden plan. Plan is to make the construction part of the learning process for the kids. Photos and plans are on the BUSD plan.

  1. Giving Campaign

Volunteers needed to kick this off, stuffing over Thanksgiving week. (Ann cockle, Patricia Mok, Janet Ssorensen, Jamaica Moon, Diona ____, Magali____)

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • The Budget is on track and doing well. We have pledged $2K more than anticipated from last year for the walkathon and have brought in already in cash $2000. We are very careful with our budget, while we run a deficit budget, we are doing well already and are on track this year compared to last year.
  • Budget Proposal: To approve up to $5000 to fund 2 facilitators to come and do 2 community meetings, related events and action plans in response to the findings.






  1. Berkeley PTA Council Report
  • Anyone is invited to attend the meetings.
  1. Sand & tarp for the sandbox
  • Melissa Bottrell will find out costs for sand from American Soil (play quality sand)


  1. Art & Music Night Event (December 7, 2012)
  • Looking for volunteers. Please sign up for the bulletin board with calendar dates and activities. Hope to bring more cultures together and do different events to build a better future for the school.


  1. Volunteer Thank You (“Your Parent Rocks Certificates”)
  • We found a volunteer to get these printed.


  1. Still looking for a volunteer coordinator (one or a couple to help find volunteers, or corral people who manage a function, etc.) And to help support volunteer spot.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.


Potential To-Dos:

1)     Contact Rosa Parks cultural outreach coordinator

2)     Maggie to send bios of facilitators