Jefferson School History

Jefferson School History

100th Anniversary

Jefferson School turned 100 in 2006-2007. For information about events, see the 100th year anniversary page.

90 Years of Jefferson School: 1907 to 1997

An online version of the book celebrating the 90th anniversary of Jefferson Elementary School – 1907 to 1997.


by Joanne Sullivan, Historian, Jefferson PTA, December 1997

Part I: The History of Jefferson School

by Mary O’Bannon, Principal 1907-1943

Part II: The History of Jefferson School

by Carrol B. Johnson, Principal 1944-1959

Part III: Jefferson School: Memories of the 1960’s and the 1970’s

by Jean Brooks, with Pam Ormsby and Mary Ann Furuichi

Part IV: Jefferson Memories

by Marion Altman, Prinicpal 1983-1995

Part V: Jefferson Reflections

by Jan Goodman, Principal 1995-1998

Documents from the 1984 yard renovation

75th Anniversary letter

Letter from BUSD