January 2013 PTA Minutes

Jefferson Elementary PTA Minutes

January 10, 2012

Library, 6:30-8:30



Volunteer hours recorded:


Discussion of key topics included:


1. Welcome & Introductions


2. Volunteer Thank You (“Your Parent Rocks Certificates”)

Thank you for the Art & Music event (Tameka Diaby & Jamaica Moon)

Thank you for the Book Fair and Ice Cream Social (Aaron Glimme & the high school volunteers)

Thank you for the Giving Campaign Coordinator (Priscilla Tuan)

Thank you for the Newsletter (Jessica Reich)


3. Parent Workshops & Education Events, including Cultural Awareness

4. Treasurer’s report

• We’ve received $5,475 in Giving Campaign donations (this includes PayPal donations as well). At this point last year, we hadn’t received anything, so we’re ahead of schedule collecting donations.

• BFG Art & Music night grossed $4,630 in receipts. And there are still about $550 worth of expenses to come in that aren’t reflected on these statements. That was a great event!

• PTA classes revenue is misleading; there will be an invoice from BUSD for ~$30K for the instructors expense; we’ll get that closer to the end of the year, so that will offset the revenue that we’re currently showing.



5. Principal’s Report

• Looking for new innovative & creative activities on the yard. Some kids don’t like sports or climbing. Need involved activities (collecting empty boxes and start a building project)

i. Collecting boxes and duct taping so they don’t fall apart and then creating giant building block thing (shoe box to paper case) ; suggest an e-tree to request boxes

ii. Make a giant tinker toy set (sticks & hoses) (hoses and bolts) ; e-tree to get volunteers

• Engaging with Cal Athletics. David Coe part of Cal Athletics; wants to get people involved at Cal Athletics. Offer tickets for $3.00 per ticket, buy bleachers seats section and then have a day with Cal. They will do things with kids like half-time on the floor. Kids could high-five the athletes. Not a fundraiser, but some kind of a fun event. Start by finding a coordinator.

• Culturally competent activities:

i. Professors that Maggie has worked with have an updated plan that matches the funds we have available for the event.

• Staff development and the move towards the common core. National standards for K-12. Math standards are changing a lot. Great changes will be bringing back more problem solving and more critical thinking in math. Next near no more 2nd grade test. 3-12 will test. Eliminate some extra portions of testing. 2014-2015 will need to think about technology because testing will be moving all to computers.

• School Construction: Site committee will be meeting with project manager and architects on January 21 to look at the plans and the revisions to the plan. Thursday January 31st. Jefferson school committee and the community. Will describe the plans, discuss the impact on the school. School district facilities department is responsible for publicity and holding the meeting.

i. On June 17 they will demolish the portable building. They will need to do a lot of work in the summer and get big machinery in the school. Many things will have to move. Basement will be 100% empty. All teachers’ things will have to go as will the PTA stuff. Try to push after Mayfair. We will need volunteers to help pack teacher’s rooms (Monday after school ends).

ii. Looking for a group/committee to do an educational committee to tie to the construction. Educational activities to be ready for the beginning of the school year. Connect to Cal Engineering. (architectural presentation for the kids but present it to kids. )

iii. Planning for the yard post construction: will have to ensure and push the school yard construction is pushed for it. Could mean a letter or other outreach to facilities management. Maggie will find out what fund it comes from and then help to engage the PTA.

iv. Did a safe routes walk and driving plan. A lot of problems with traffic. Michael Veccio from Berkeley Traffic.

• Safety audits will be done in all of the schools in Berkeley (in responses to Newtown event)


6. Giving Campaign

• Letters are out. Money is beginning to come. Getting them out before year end encouraged giving in this year.

• Requests go out in the spring.

• Matching campaign at the end of the year.


7. Treasurer’s Report

• Working on getting the old accounts closed. The process is working and will be final soon.

• IRS fines are abated for the PTA for how the taxes were submitted.

8. Silent Auction

• Possible Theme: “It takes a world village” for the food (French from La Boudaine)

• Another idea “Rock the Casbah”

• Try to identify new list of businesses


9. Science Working Group

• Foss Kits are working.

• Working on school-wide activities. Going to support a math and science night on March 27. Converted math night to math & science night. Extend outreach to community science groups. Committee is suggesting groups.

• Working on a science assembly. Late spring. In place of a science fair. Get some science groups to do presentations or hands on activities. School wide science activity in May.

• May be worth reaching out to Exploratorium for a mobile exhibit as part of an assembly.


10. Art night

• Art night may have to be pushed back or change to later in the year

• Not going to pull together this year.

• Prior coordinators have left. May need to work harder on finding new people to coordinate.

• Send a request for the e-tree.

• Tables tend to include

i. Valentines table plus other ideas

ii. Rocks & boxes (rob Gilligan will take on the table)


11. Berkeley PTA Council Report

• Discuss with them various ways to fund and plan funding (e.g., targeted funding such as for the sandbox).


12. Mayfair Planning

• Working on the theme (idea “May the 4th be with you”)

• Could add a green/recycling to support that

• It is the most involved parent function.

• Games need revising and updating—they need to be made new/not so (need volunteer person to lead this); also need food team, games team; help finding a band

• We will do a Volunteer spot


13. Still looking for a volunteer coordinator (one or a couple to help find volunteers, or corral people who manage a function, etc.) And to help support volunteer spot.


14. Art & Music Night

• Raised over $4K. about $3700 after expenses.

• Money will be used for performer for Black History assembly & Juneteenth.

• Funds not spent this year will go for future years.


Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.