Green Team

Are you passionate about reducing waste and environmental sustainability?  Then join us on the Green Team at Jefferson!  Last year we were part of the Green Schools Initiative ( and reduced the school’s waste.  This year we will build on that to further reduce waste and to promote sustainability in general.  With 2-3 hours a month you can make a real difference.

Less “trash” at the school has meant more money for the district to spend other ways. The program also emphasizes working with the students (and parents) to understand what is recyclable, compostable or must go to the landfill (and ways to avoid adding to the landfill). A little time and effort can make a difference for our children and our planet’s future.

To join or get more information, please send your name and contact info to me, Shauna ( and Susan Silber (

Thanks for reading!

Shauna Rabinowitz
Parent of Dakota (5th grader) and Ezra (3rd grader)

You can learn more about the Green Schools Initiative here