PTA Enrichment Classes

Spring 2017 Session: February 6 – May 5

Registration opens Tues. Jan. 17 at 7am. Please come back at that time to sign up.

Registration is now OPEN. Deadline: Jan. 20, 2:30pm (lottery)  |  Jan. 27, 2:30pm (final)

Registration is now CLOSED.

The Jefferson PTA Enrichment Classes provide opportunities for students to explore additional interests after school hours – to learn and have fun! The program is organized by parent volunteers through the PTA and taught by independent instructors (not Jefferson or District staff).

View the Spring 2017 program (PDF) for details and policies.
Spring 2017 classroom assignments (PDF)

View your current or past registrations on ActivityHero.

Questions or problems? See the FAQ or email us at

Scroll down to see the class schedule for the current session.

Use the links below to sign up and pay via credit card. (If you are unable to pay online, you may register and pay by check using the paper registration forms available outside the school office.) We are using ActivityHero for managing registration and taking payment. ActivityHero is a trusted and secure system used by a number of other BUSD school enrichment programs. Once you register your child the first time, their information will be saved in your account to simplify registration for future sessions.

Registration — Click the Register button below a class to sign up and pay. Most classes (except for those with LOTTERY in their name) are first come, first served — once you register and pay, you’re in. To register for multiple classes: after you reach the checkout screen for the first class but before you enter your credit card info and click Checkout, return to this page and click to register for another class. When you reach the checkout screen again, both classes will appear in the list of sessions to pay for. Repeat for as many classes as you want, then Checkout all at once.

Lottery — Registration for LOTTERY classes will be run on a lottery system. If any of these classes are oversubscribed as of the lottery deadline, a lottery will be held to select who will get in. Register and pay as normal for these classes and we’ll email you after the lottery to confirm whether your child was selected. If your child DOES NOT get in, we’ll refund your payment and you’ll have an opportunity to register for another class subject to availability at that time. Kids who did not get into a class in the previous session due to the lottery are given priority.

Waitlist — If a class is full, you may add your child to the waitlist by clicking the Waitlist button. If new spots open up, you won’t be automatically registered, but we’ll email you so you can come back and register for the class.

Scholarships — Scholarships are offered on an honor system based on true financial need. To request a full scholarship, sign up for the class and use the discount code FULL at checkout. To request a half scholarship (50% off), use the discount code HALF. (How to enter a discount code.) You may only sign up for one class if you are requesting a full scholarship and at most two classes if you are requesting a half scholarship.

Credit Card Fees — A non-refundable 3% credit card processing fee will be added to your total at checkout. This helps cover our overhead and allows most of the PTA Enrichment budget to be put toward funding scholarships.

Schedule — All classes run once a week for the full length of the session, except for No School days. You can ignore the Previous Week, Next Week and date selector controls at the top of the calendar below. All weeks are the same.

Questions or problems? See the FAQ or email us at
Due to high demand, please sign up for no more than 2 classes per child before Thursday Jan 19.

This allows more families to get their first choice. You may sign up for additional classes starting Thursday. If you sign up for more than 2 before then, we may cancel them without warning.

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