Bethany Lourie (Science)

Bethany spent her first years in SoCal and Tucson, and from age 6-16 she lived in a small town outside Philadelphia, PA. She spent the second half of high school in Santa Cruz where she had the most amazing teachers! These people inspired her to become a teacher herself and though it was difficult to choose, she loved Science best. She studied Biology at UC Berkeley and went on to teach high school Science and Math for about 10 years before having her own daughter and eventually switching to 4th/5th grade Science. For the past 3 years she has taught Science at multiple sites around the district. This is her fourth year at Jefferson, and she is now full time teaching Science to grades 1-5. She loves Science and Nature, of course, but also enjoys reading, making art, dancing to live music and communing with other humans.

Contact Information:

Email is the most efficient. I’m in C2 every day before and after school, so feel free to come by and say hello!

What parents can do at home:

Ask your kids what they are studying in Science. I only get to see them once or twice a week, and it’s great to get them to think about it and talk about it more often to keep the thread. Do Science experiments at home. Many simple ideas are on the internet, or just make them up based on what you have around the house and what your kids are interested in. Read/talk about current events in Science, for example, new technologies, medical breakthroughs and other scientific discoveries. When you are out in nature, bring a field guide and maybe a journal to record interesting observations in the form of drawings, notes, etc. or just take time to notice and point out interesting plants/animals/rocks, etc. When legal, collect specimens!