Anna Wong

Anna Wong grew up in San Francisco Chinatown. She remembers fondly marching each year in the Chinese New Year parade, seeing movies about the monkey king and her parents treating her to a comic book after the movies.

Mrs. Wong has been teaching kindergarten in the Chinese Bicultural Program since 1980. Her four children all attended Jefferson’s bicultural program as well, and they are in a band called Nine Pound Shadow.

After a day of teaching, Mrs. Wong goes home to drum. She also likes to quilt, sculpt, create mosaics, bead, and knit. In addition to art, she enjoys walking, reading, going out to eat, and seeing movies and live performances.

Contact Information

Prefer to be contacted by messages in school mailbox

The best time to reach Mrs. Wong is after school.


Helping Mrs. Wong’s Classroom

Mrs. Wong appreciates the following support:

  • Availability to assist
  • Read notes from school
  • Look in child’s backpack for notes
  • Provide nutritious lunches and snacks

What Parents Can Do At Home

Parental involvement in your child’s education can mean:

  • Read with your child at home.
  • Help your child with emotional, social, and communication skills.
  • Work on your child’s fine and gross motor skills, including outdoor activities, cutting, and holding a pencil properly.