Weekly Digest: 13th Dec, 2017

Upcoming Events:
Friday, Dec 15th: LAST COFFEE MINGLE OF THE YEAR! Bring your lovely selves.  If you feel like it, bring a holiday treat to share;
– Intruder Drill at 9:00 a.m.
– Saturday December 16th – Monday January 1st, 2018: WINTER BREAK
– January 2nd, 2018:
First day back from winter break  

See Details Below: 

– Coffee Mingle
– Annual Berkeley Lions Club Eyeglass Drive
– Listen Up, Berkeley!
– Wrist and Cell Phones
– Giving Campaign
– Visitor Badges
– Yard Use After School

Coffee Mingle tomorrow After Drop-off! Look for the group of under-caffinated parents by the cafetorium! Stay and chat, or drink and run.  Bring a holiday treat to share, if you’d like.


Keep your EYES out for the Berkeley Lions Club used eyeglass donation boxes in your classrooms this winter. Every year the Berkeley Lions club collects used eyeglasses including readers and sunglasses to donate to the less fortunate. The Lions club is a 100% volunteer not for profit organization and uses every penny of its donations to help others. This year the Lions club International has already donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to hurricane relief in India, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Many people have lost everything in these natural disasters, including their glasses. Can you imagine not being able to see or read on top of losing your home? Please start collecting used and outdated prescription glasses during the holidays from your family and friends. LOOK out for Berkeley Lions CLub collection boxes in your classroom after winter break.  The classroom which collects the most glasses will win a pizza party! Let’s try and beat Thousand Oaks Elementary’s record of over 900 pairs of glasses from last year! If your family is in need of assistance in obtaining new prescription glasses for you or your child, and you do not have Medical, the Berkeley Lions can help. Feel free to contact Berkeley Lions club director, Karen Roze if you are interested in volunteering with the Berkeley Lions or helping with expanding this drive in your community. Karen’s email is tlsupergal@yahoo.com.

Listen up, Berkeley!

Listen to books at home or on the road during Winter Break and help our school win the Golden Headphones award, while enjoying good literature to boot!

Audiobooks help us develop key literacy skills. Listening to audiobooks improves vocabulary and comprehension.

Listen together as a family! Try listening in the car, while you’re cooking, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Details are on our library website, http://library.berkeleyschools.net/. You will be guided through the initial set-up of Tales2Go on your phone, tablet or computer. It’s free & easy!

Cell Phones and Wrist Phones

We have seen an increase in student wearing cellular devices on their wrists. Per  9.9. Board Policy 5131: Electronic Signaling Devices (Cellular Phones), students are asked to turn all devices off at the start of the day and they are not to be turned back on until the completion of the day. Starting Monday, we will ask all students to take devices off of their wristsand store them in their backpacks until the end of the day. If there is an emergency during the school day, families are advised to call the office at 644-6298.

Make Jefferson a Great Place for All!

Don’t forget to include Jefferson in your annual giving! A tax-deductible donation to our school means more resources to ensure that all of our kids are getting the great education they deserve. Every family’s contribution helps, no matter how small or large. Make a donation today or sign up to be a monthly donor. Put cash or check made out to Jefferson PTA in the PTA lock box in the office, or make your donation online.

Visitor Badges

Please remember to sign in at the office and get a visitor/volunteer badge each time that you come to the school in the middle of the school day (even if you volunteer all the time!). Thanks.

Yard Use After School

We know that families like to stay and play after school but we are asking that the yard is clear by 3:00 each day for JAZ and BEARS use. Thanks for your cooperation.