Weekly Digest: Dec 6th, 2017

Upcoming Events:
– Coffee Mingle Friday: Friday, December 8

See Details Below: 

– Coffee Mingle
– Holiday Gift Drive
– Directory
– Emergency Preparedness
– Wrist and Cell Phones
– Giving Campaign
– Visitor Badges
– Yard Use After School

Coffee Mingle tomorrow After Drop-off! Look for the group of under-caffinated parents by the cafetorium! Stay and chat, or drink and run.

Holiday Gift Drive

Gift Drive Update!! We have significantly more requests than last year (50%+ more) AND a shorter window to pull it off. Have you thought about giving a gift?  Please consider signing up today! All gifts need to be brought to the office by NEXT Tuesday (12/12). 
Sign up here:  https://tinyurl.com/jeffersongifts
Thank you for helping our Jefferson Community
http://For email, include link:  https://tinyurl.com/jeffersongift

Note from the Principal
The holiday gift drive is one of my favorite Jefferson traditions.  The goal of the gift drive is to make sure that every child in the Jefferson community gets a gift this holiday season. 

Cell Phones and Wrist Phones

We have seen an increase in student wearing cellular devices on their wrists. Per  9.9. Board Policy 5131: Electronic Signaling Devices (Cellular Phones), students are asked to turn all devices off at the start of the day and they are not to be turned back on until the completion of the day. Starting Monday, we will ask all students to take devices off of their wristsand store them in their backpacks until the end of the day. If there is an emergency during the school day, families are advised to call the office at 644-6298.

Jefferson’s Emergency Planning

With the north bay fires and strange weather, everybody is feeling a bit apprehensive about emergency procedures. Please look for an article in the next PTA Newsletter about emergency preparedness at Jefferson.

Tej Datta is working on revamping our organization in our emergency stash. Please let him know if you are interested in helping at tej.k.datta@gmail.com.

Giving Campaign!

It’s time to give! The Jefferson PTA is kicking off our annual Giving Campaign to raise money for all the amazing programs we have here at Jefferson. Did you know that the PTA spends an average of $350 per child each year? Your donation supports physical education, counseling, English language support, staff development, Cooperative Adventures with Dave Nettell, classroom grants for special projects, field trip subsidies and more–all the things that make Jefferson a place where kids of all backgrounds can learn, grow and thrive together. Please contribute today to help us meet our 2017/18 goal of $40,000! Every family’s contribution counts, large or small. Put a check made out to Jefferson PTA in the locked PTA box in the office or donate online at http://jefferson.berkeleypta.org/. You can make a one-time gift, or sign up to be a monthly donor. All donations are tax-deductible.

Visitor Badges

Please remember to sign in at the office and get a visitor/volunteer badge each time that you come to the school in the middle of the school day (even if you volunteer all the time!). Thanks.

Yard Use After School

We know that families like to stay and play after school but we are asking that the yard is clear by 3:00 each day for JAZ and BEARS use. Thanks for your cooperation.