Urgent: Let’s step it up for our school

The link in the giving email only works if you logged in to Paypal already.  Here is the link to the Jefferson PTA website, where you can donate to the PTA fund.

Missed the earlier email?  Here it is again:  http://jefferson.berkeleypta.org/

Dear families,
We have two weeks left of school and we are STILL $15,000 short on our fundraising goal for the year, with less than 1 in 5 families contributing to the Giving Campaign. With cuts to public education coming from every level of government, it’s on us to make sure all our kids get the education they deserve. We as parents and grandparents and community members pay for the support services like English-language support for non-native speakers that are helping close the achievement gap. We pay for counseling. We pay for PE instruction, field trips and so much more. Without our contributions, through Walkathon, May Fair, the auction and yes, the Giving Campaign, we wouldn’t have any of these things. If you have already given, thank you. Please pass this on to friends, family, grandparents. If you haven’t given yet, now’s the time. We need to be all in for Jefferson.  http://jefferson.berkeleypta.org/, or drop a check to Jefferson PTA in the PTA mailbox in the office. Your donation will be doubled by our generous matching families!
Thanks, The Giving Campaign